Half-Life 2: Episode Two


This is the sequel to my previous standoff level, except that this is the finished product and practically ready for release. As it is the beginning of a series, it has zero combat and is largely exploration and getting used to the controls. For those wanting a backstory (which will be seen in the next release) you (gordon freeman) got drunk and passed out in a back room. This was after a celebration party and rendezvous with your rebel buddies at an abandoned mall in the midst of ravenholm. During you slumber the entire mall was engulfed by zombies and antlions, which are being fought off by the combine which were mysteriously lurking around in the underground carparks. They do not fight you, however but suspisions are rising. The mysterious body with gun was presumably somebody who stayed behind, barricaded himself in and lost all hope. There are several errors in the map (there is supposed to be a pile of boxes at the end, for example) but please tell your thoughts.

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    Awesome, thanks if that was you. This is exactly what I wanted. For the record this is going to be continued (you will get to actually fight in it, later on) and I actually had to put in quite a bit of ai scripting, as you can see from the .vmf file. But once again, thanks for the mention (it has recently started crashing my computer too, I am working on the solution).

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    It works fine for me. What happens?

    Last nightmare had film grain.
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    As much as I would like to try the map, it would be so much easier if the link was working :/ Fix it please.

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